OUR Projects


Extension Pack 2

Version V3.0 Final will include many changes and tweaks to the teams featuring in Pan Asian Coalition Arrival Expansion Pack. Stay tuned on Moddb page for more information about the upcoming update.

PZS 2014 V2.0

Reworks to the level of Teams and maps in general. New soldiers and zombies will feature with the release of V2.0 version of the modification. Not only that, but more maps will come along with this update!

Death is Alive

Version 0.4 Final has been released on Moddb Platform. Rebalance, fixes and many more improvements feature with the latest build release. Please visit our Moddb page to download the final version of the mod

About Us

Instant Flashback is a group of people with a passion towards Battlefield 2 and especially its modding posibilities

A lot of projects were placed under our watch and we are doing our best to entertain everyone with high-quality mods and content. Formed from ashes of 3 falled groups, powerful than ever, to this day provide interesting game modifications and many more interesting projects for Refractor and Frostbite Engine games.


Contact Us

Any suggestions or want to help us out with mod projects? Do you have something interesting to show us? Contact our team leader if you are interested to something!


Moddb: Betamaxx

Email: betamaxx1999@gmail.com



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